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Latest additions

Neurotic Machinery Catalept
Amazing Ascendancy

Ascendancy Amazing Ascendancy
Vital #1

Endless Vital #1
Refuse To Shine

Endless Refuse To Shine

Endless Perihelion
Perfect Message

Endless Perfect Message
Forever And Never

Desperate Desire Forever And Never
Dead Memories

Desperate Desire Dead Memories
No Time

Dying Passion No Time
Living Flowers Gallery

The Rays Of The Sun Living Flowers Gallery
In The Pharmacy

Promises In The Pharmacy
Flight To Fall

Promises Flight To Fall

Dying Passion Voyage
Wheels On The Fire

Wild Hunters Wheels On The Fire

Grace Syberyja
Henriette's Message

Mistress Of The Dead Henriette's Message

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The Good Old Days of Seduction Abstract Essence
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Red One Abstract Essence
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Squadra Razora Dymytry
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Dejte mi pít Dymytry
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Limitless Futures Abstract Essence
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Contemporary Misanthrope Six Degrees of Separation

Metal Online NEWS

As promised, 50 new albums are up and ready to download. Our catalogue now reaches 150 albums available, which is on one hand not that big of a deal, but on the other hand it puts Metal Online on track to become what we intended it to be, the very archive of Czech metal (that is, a site where you can find albums no longer on sale or otherwise available).


New additions: Dying Passion (5 albums), Melancholy Pessimism (4 albums), Mistress of the Dead (4 albums), Gospel of Future (2 albums), Sorath, Mythopoeia, Promises and more.


Featured complete discographies: Insania (12 albums including “Skimmed” and “Revolta per chitarra”), Tortharry (7 albums), Dark Gamballe (6 albums) and Agony (5 albums).


Featured recently released titles: Isaccarum – Whorecraft, Keep on Rotting – Unforeseen Consequences, Postcards From Arkham – Oceanize, Suffocate with Your Fame – Dimension Change single.


That said, we have 50 more albums ready to upload, including several albums of the legendary Czech thrashers Kryptor, titles released by the micro-label Bažina, also by Six Degrees Of Separation, Return To Innocence, Pigsty or Pisstolero.


MetalGate team


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